The "Common-Man" Selfie

The “Common-Man” Selfie


Tapas Ganesh is a photographer, cinematographer, editor and finally a writer and is the person behind the blog Tgatwork.

I like to be called a storyteller, a professional storyteller. My job, what I feel is the job of a guy who has his experiences as pictures, texts, visuals and melodies, what I like to call, the chapters of my life. I believe each person, young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad – has a story to tell. We all love to listen to stories. And that’s the very purpose of me writing what you read now on this blog.

My experiences in the world, my viewpoint on issues – social and ones effecting me personally, my chapters (the ones I had indicated above) and how they came about, how they were processed, what went through my mind when they were clicked, filmed, edited, written and finally showcased to the world – That’s all Tgatwork is about.

I always have been of the person who believes that each person in the society has duty of educating his fellow humans and help them live a life of truth, justice, love and compassion. That’s why all my views presented to you on this platform are unadulterated and unaltered by any form of influence by anyone. Thus all views here are mine alone.

I hope you have a wonderful experience reading and communicating to me through this blog.

And finally, what is a life with out a bit of love!


Like – encourages me to do more and bring out the best in me

Share – helps share my views and the knowledge. Might make someone’s day

Comment – helps us to connect an build a community of like minded people


And finally…Bring a smile on everyone’s face!


Have a good day!


Tapas Ganesh


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