1st September 2016 – Day 245 of 366

Rhesus Monkey at Anushaktinagar

A lone Rhesus Macaque sits at the edge of a building and stares back during the early hours of the day at Anushaktinagar. These monkeys have made the terraces of the buildings at Western Sector their home at Anushaktinagar. This comes after several incidents on the hill which displaced them making them to seek refuge else where

31st May 2016 – Day 152 of 366

great egret in morning light

Today ends the 5th month of the year and it has been really fast. The final few photographs from the end of the birding season at Seawoods. It sure was an amazing time. And now see you till next time..
This image is of a Great Egret fishing for its food against the rising sun overhead, creating beautiful bokeh all around, just as if someone spilled a bottle full of golden bokeh grains!