19th September 2016 – Day 263 of 366

Piegon on Perch

A piegon stands on a perch during sunrise at Anushaktinagar


9th September 2016 – Day 253 of 366

Storm on Vashi Bridge

I was riding from Kharghar when I saw this storm, a orange hued one with a big black clouds overhead of Mumbai where I was heading towards. When I reached the Vashi Bridge, I could see the whole storm engulf the mountain of Anushaktinagar and a orange backdrop that took the skyline. And at the same time a local which was plying on the bridge passed becoming an element to an already amazing photograph!

11th August 2016 – Day 224 of 366

Squirrel climbing a wall

A squirrel makes a steady climb on the flat walls of a building. I have previously seen squirrels climbs trees and other structures that seem to have much grip and an angle to climb up to. But this little one managed to beat the laws of physics that I had learnt and perceived and managed to climb a single wall face without much effort!
The squirrel population has seen a much growth in the Western Sector region of Anushaktinagar, just as that of most wild species of birds and animals that once used to be in the mountains. One can see the acrobatic stunts of these any time during the day, sure to lead you spell bond

8th August 2016 – Day 221 of 366

Myna at PK

A Myna hops around, looking to feed on the leftovers of corn eaten by people at the Pandav Khada Region. As people come to the place to have a look at the magnificent falls from a distance, vendors make use of the situation and selling eatable like corn, a very much hit in the monsoon. The left overs are a much treat for birds like crows, mynas and sparrows but sadly also leads to garbage collection, something that never gets collected

29th July 2016 – Day 211 of 366

Male Sparrow

A lone male sparrow finds a spot to stay on the terrace when the rain was on a break today. I has been raining heavily in Mumbai and much of the city is already facing it’s wrath. But in today picture, what I would like to tell my viewer is the fact that the population of sparrows near my home at Anushaktinagar has suddenly found a boom. Earlier during the day, there were normally a few birds that you would see at the Western Sector region at Anushaktinagar. These were common birds like crows, pigeons, sparrows and mynas. But a few years back, I suddenly noticed that there were hardly any sparrows that I could spot. That’s when I read an article in a newspaper about how birds like sparrows get disoriented by the different wave signals like those emitted from mobile towers and I believed that this was perhaps the reason why the sparrow population in my area dissappeared. Fast forward to 2016. Just before the rains, I yet again noticed these amazing little birds back in the area, chirping around, drinking water from puddles and looking for worms on the ground. I was happy that these birds had returned to this area but the question that remains is for how long will they be and the answer is something that only time will tell