18th October 2016 – Day 292 of 366

people watching sunset

People watch the sunset at the Guhagar beach in the Konkan.


12th September 2016 – Day 256 of 366

Cloudscapes at Sunset

Cloudscapes are much like a really vast painting master piece painted on a really big canvas. It’s like the work of the energy & the cosmos that created all of this world as well as you and me you and me. I can spend hours watch these heavenly structures move by till they vanish for the night and show up again the next day, in a new form, as a new creation

9th September 2016 – Day 253 of 366

Storm on Vashi Bridge

I was riding from Kharghar when I saw this storm, a orange hued one with a big black clouds overhead of Mumbai where I was heading towards. When I reached the Vashi Bridge, I could see the whole storm engulf the mountain of Anushaktinagar and a orange backdrop that took the skyline. And at the same time a local which was plying on the bridge passed becoming an element to an already amazing photograph!

6th September 2016 – Day 250 of 366

Sunset at Sagar Vihar

The sun sets followed by a dramatic cloudscape at Saga Vihar, Vashi. I always have a great time here. All the old memories start playing back. And often bump into people who see you shoot and work. Conversations with them turn in moments that leave a mark on your life and you ask yourself how correct a decision did you make by showing up here today.
It happened today, that decision and that conversation and all I could say was ‘It was awesome!’