1st October 2016 – Day 275 of 366

wet roads at PBR

The first of October saw some unexpected showers. The past few days were hot and seemed as if the monsoon was done. But today’s continuous rain proved that wrong. It rain so continuously that the Parsik Hill Range and the Hill at Anushaktinagar were not visible due to rain clouds
P.S – As seen on the Palm Beach Road at Seawoods

26th August 2016 – Day 239 of 366

Rain-Kharghar Hills Panaroma

Nature plays in strange ways. Yesterday it was so bright and sunny that I believed it wouldn’t rain anymore this year. And today, i woke up to a bed of dark and intense clouds in the sky followed by rain throughout the day. I saw these same hills glitter in green due to the sunlight a day before and today I see a mist covered peak. Truly fascinated! Nature at it’s best and so loving it 😀