The Walk

RM-The Walk

A juvenile monkey walks past the rooftop at one of the residential buildings at Anushaktinagar.
As a part of the deforestation activities and the rampant ‘development’ taking place in the area, the resident wildlife has no place to go but to share the space with the ‘developed’ humans.
Though there hasn’t been much of a struggle yet and the monkeys seem to be more ‘cooperative’ than their human counterparts, what lies next is something that has to be waited for and watched.
We are yet again proving to ourselves that we seem to have a poor memory and understanding about the fact that these animals were here first, even before we figured out what ‘science’ and ‘development’ even meant.


5th December 2016 – Day 340 of 366

Rs 1000 note

A Rs 1000 note.
It has been around a month that the Indian government banned the old Rs 1000 & Rs 500 denomination notes, in an effort to bring down the circulation of fake notes as well as black money. This notice came all of a sudden, putting much of the nation in panic. The government failed to put forward to the people it’s intensions and the procedure in a proper manner which has caused much tension and despair amongst most people. Though many effort have been taken to make this procedure as smooth as possible like the introduction of Rs 2000 and new Rs 500 notes, the various deaths surrounding this procedure, the still long bank queues, empty ATMs and the building frustration of the people of the country tell a different story. Did this plan and action taken by the current government work the way they intended it to have, only time will tell.

30th October 2016 – Day 304 of 366


Today is Diwali, a Hindu festival celebrated by all Indian & others across the globe. Earlier though, the festival was associated with Lord Rama arriving back to his kingdom after his triumphant victory over the demon king Ravana indicating the victory of good over evil, today it’s much know as the festival of lights. People dress up in new clothes, distribute sweets, light up lamps and most importantly, burst crackers. Yes, it does help in creating a festive notion in people, everything except the bursting of crackers, which bring much damage and no happiness. Bursting crackers not only increase pollution in the terms of smoke, it cause severe damage via noise. The high intensity noise causes severe damage to not only our ears but also frightens the animal lives that live around us as they tend to be much more sensitive to high frequency noise. There is no happiness seeing your own money go into flames in a matter of seconds which in turn causes severe damage to us and our furry friends in the long run. So friends, please stop bursting crackers, utilise the money to spread a wide vibrant smile on someone’s face who needs it. It surely will do much good to you and the earth.
Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!

28th September 2016 -Day 272 of 366

asphalt flying at nerul flyover
Asphalt flies in the air from the broken roads on the first Nerul flyover today at Nerul. As the rains stop and all the water in the potholes have evaporated, it leaves behind a lot of dust and broken asphalt that flies as vehicles pass by. Major sections of the Sion Panvel Highway are in the worst conditions ever. Roads are so broken that riding is a nightmare. The contractors end up putting some blocks here are there but never doing justice to the job and the roads are in the same shape after a few days. The concerned authorities don’t want the roads in good shape so that they can keep on working on them as well as make some cash during the process. The politics behind this never stops and its the lives of people at stake. These roads are a serious threat to motorists who commute through this main route and a permanent solution is nowhere near.

19th August 2016 – Day 232 of 366

The homeless at Mumbai

Such sights are common in Mumbai. The homeless still are fond in significant numbers around town. Though many people work tirelessly, people still end up on the streets. With no really help & comfort, it’s just a matter of time. At times, when we make a fuss about not having the latest of things and fashion or things, we ought to spare a moment for these people who would surely do better with some love. For them the moment is not today but now and survival is just a misty dream, something they might never wake up to

8th August 2016 – Day 221 of 366

Myna at PK

A Myna hops around, looking to feed on the leftovers of corn eaten by people at the Pandav Khada Region. As people come to the place to have a look at the magnificent falls from a distance, vendors make use of the situation and selling eatable like corn, a very much hit in the monsoon. The left overs are a much treat for birds like crows, mynas and sparrows but sadly also leads to garbage collection, something that never gets collected