15th September 2016 – Day 259 of 366

Ganpati Visarjan

Devotees take down a Ganpati idol for immersion at the Girgaum Chowpatty. Ganpati visargan indicates the end of the 10 day long Ganesh Utsav. The idols around the city end up in either immersion ponds or in the sea. These idols are normally made of POP which doesn’t dissolve in water, leading to water pollution and affecting marine life.
In turn, a holy celebration finally leads to much hurt to the earth

24th August 2016 – Day 237 of 366

Boys taking a swim at Shri Ballaleshwar

A group of lads enjoy themselves in the temple pond of the Shri Ballaleshwar Temple at Pali. I have seen temple pond in most temples in Kerala but this was the first time I saw one in Maharashtra. The pond was quiet a small one compared to what I had seen in it’s Kerala counterparts. I was surrounded with stone blocks and seemed fairly deep. The lads though were having the time of the life 🙂

19th August 2016 – Day 232 of 366

The homeless at Mumbai

Such sights are common in Mumbai. The homeless still are fond in significant numbers around town. Though many people work tirelessly, people still end up on the streets. With no really help & comfort, it’s just a matter of time. At times, when we make a fuss about not having the latest of things and fashion or things, we ought to spare a moment for these people who would surely do better with some love. For them the moment is not today but now and survival is just a misty dream, something they might never wake up to

18th August 2016 – Day 231 of 366

Motifs on walls

Gods and Religion form a distinctive part of India. India has such a diverse cultural heritage only due to its gods and the different interpretation that one has for them. Whether truth or myth, gods have and will always have a place in Indian society.
But the sad part is people have also used gods and religions for purposes that bring no good to the world and instead spread hatred and fear. Killing and destroying someone or something on basis of religion and faith is absurd. Religion is a tool that should be used to bring people close not only to each other but also to the earth. Each has his or her own belief. One shouldn’t try to obstruct that. Religion and practicing it is safe and proper unless and until you cause no harm and distress to anyone or anything, man, animal or the earth

5th July 2016 – Day 218 of 366

Cops at Pandav Khada

A female police constable sits at the entrance to the Pandav Khada waterfalls (in the background). Repeated heavy shower have lead to an increase in the water levels in the region. The trail to the Pandav Khada waterfalls stands closed and cops are regularly stationed or patrol the area. Also a warning sign board has been put up sighting the restricted entry. One can’t blame the cops alone for restricting the entry to the scenic place. People come here and indulge in various activities like drinking and taking drugs which have also caused deaths in the area. Had people have more civic sense, this place would have been open as it was a great recreation and natural spot.

20th June 2016 – Day 172 of 366

Monkeys playing at AN

A juvenile monkey plays with one of the elder members of the clan on one fine evening at one of the terraces of the buildlings in Anushaktinagar. Though these animals have been quite a mennace for the residents of the people here, the entire blame can’t be put on the heads of the animals. The authorities had built up walls around the hill a few years ago where these animals used to live , closing an important transit route for them. Also the deforestation activities had caused severe damage to the once amazing ecosystem that thrived here. Action, if taken in a positive manner can still create a better situation for the animals that live here as well as their human counterparts