1st October 2016 – Day 275 of 366

wet roads at PBR

The first of October saw some unexpected showers. The past few days were hot and seemed as if the monsoon was done. But today’s continuous rain proved that wrong. It rain so continuously that the Parsik Hill Range and the Hill at Anushaktinagar were not visible due to rain clouds
P.S – As seen on the Palm Beach Road at Seawoods

9th September 2016 – Day 253 of 366

Storm on Vashi Bridge

I was riding from Kharghar when I saw this storm, a orange hued one with a big black clouds overhead of Mumbai where I was heading towards. When I reached the Vashi Bridge, I could see the whole storm engulf the mountain of Anushaktinagar and a orange backdrop that took the skyline. And at the same time a local which was plying on the bridge passed becoming an element to an already amazing photograph!