A panoramic view of the hills at Kharghar that have been captivating my mind, body and soul for around a decade now. This place never gets old and never will (though it’s a few million years old by now, but still). The apocalyptic cloud line adds drama to the existing beauty.


There is a Storm Coming In

A thunderstorm, approaching from the east, engulfing the skyline of Kharghar.

Being the 1st day of the month of the monsoon, the weather didn’t disappoint me at all. The intensity of the storm was quite superior given the fact that none of Haji Malang was to be seen anywhere. But what blew things out of proportion was the surreal lighting all around. It was neither diffused and nor strong. It was just out of this world!

P.S – In case anyone wondered, I didn’t go overboard to make the color look like these. Though basic tweaks were done to the image, the WB stands untouched (Temp. 4250 K , Tint +9). Nor was any funky filter applied (I suck big time in doing those anyways).
The light today was indeed this damn crazy.

11th September 2016 – Day 255 of 366

Hot Tody

A picture of a Hot Tody. A beverage that contains many spices as well as Basil Leaves. Great for a cold, stuffed nose or sore throat.
It was great to have this at this newly opened cafe at Kharghar called The Chocolatier. Great ambience and friendly staff. Loved the fact that the staff went over the menu to get this for my partner as she had cold. Would love to be here in future too