21st August 2016 – Day 234 of 366

Sunset at KH

It was quiet a few days since I visited my second home. Working in front of the screen had taken the best of me and I never really managed to venture out since the start of the month. I was really disappointing for the fact that it’s August and there is no sign of rain around. Anyways, i made my way up the hill, believing that I would eventually end up at the stream. It was a Sunday and I hate being in these area on a Sundays only because the place is too crowded and people tend to piss me off by littering around and making noise in a place I regard holy. With all these in mind, I made the climb. I eventually reached a spot where I could see the lone waterfall in the distance and at the same time, the sun too was setting behind the hills. I wasted no time and took a shot. It was fun to watch the virgin grass wave in the wind and the pure green color it was emitting. Back home as I was loading all the pictures, I saw this one and after developing it, I was happy. Though people were screwing up nature, nature still smiles back in its beauty. But how long will it do so is just a matter of time


17th August 2016 – Day 230 of 366

Monsoon sunset

Witnessing a sunset with a storm ahead at Anushaktinagar today evening. Though much of the day was dry, a late shower made this spectacular view. The light from the setting sun along with clouds made a diffused light setting giving the evening glow

31st July 2016 – Day 213 of 366

Sunday ride at Pali

Today I made a trip along Pali Hills and then to Rameshwar Vaibhav and back to Mumbai with this amazing group of riders from BARC. Though we struggled around with the route initially, we managed to have many adventures during the ride like riding in heavy rain, thick fog, on non existing roads, totally soaked from head to toe. Though I had been on many rides before and have shot plenty of them, most of them were pre charted and we always used to stick to the route and timing. But this trip was different. It was a real adventure, something that I would never forget 🙂
P.S – Behind us is the Sarasgad covered in dense fog. We rode around 3 kms from Pali Town just for the view!