Divine Canvas

The K-Town skyline one fine evening, just before sundown.

It had been raining heavily for the most of this month. The day would start with a dark and intense skyline and end with a heavy downpour, with wild winds rocking the foliage so hard that they would uproot the next second. The whole day was damp and gloomy with the sun nowhere to be seen. Stepping out of the house for work or leisure wasn’t an option.

But for the past few days, such skies and beautiful evenings have become staple, serving as a much needed break and also treat to the eye and soul. Maybe the rain gods will descend again and cause even more havoc. Or maybe not. But days like these fuel the mind with hope and give the strength to keep moving.


Dramatic Evenings

A massive cloud formation engulfs the Haji Malang range looking similar to a dramatic pyroclastic cloud that forms after a volcanic eruption.

This image was made during a rain free evening, just before sunset, as viewed from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

12th September 2016 – Day 256 of 366

Cloudscapes at Sunset

Cloudscapes are much like a really vast painting master piece painted on a really big canvas. It’s like the work of the energy & the cosmos that created all of this world as well as you and me you and me. I can spend hours watch these heavenly structures move by till they vanish for the night and show up again the next day, in a new form, as a new creation

20th August 2016 – Day 233 of 366

Moon amidst clouds

Though being a rainy season, the month of August sees no rain in much of Navi Mumbai. But there are presence of dark clouds that navigate through the sky, bringing false hopes of rain and water. As much of the sky is covered by clouds,its extremely rare to see a bunch of stars or the moon. But thanks to the thin cloud line and the almost full moon, I managed to witness it amidst a thin blanket of clouds. And view and wait for it to appear was worthwhile