11th March 2016 – Day 71 of 366

11th March 2016 - Day 71 of 366

This Red Vented Bulbul take a spot on a high perch being one of the many birds I shot within a few span of days during my shoots at the Seawoods Backwater area. It’s been like seeing a new bird each day at this place and have been a much surprise that admist this urban frenzy, this place hosts so much of bird life. Amazing indeed!

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7th March 2016 – Day 67 of 366

7th March 2016 - Day 67 of 366

Birding at Karnala

Today I had an opportunity to go birding at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary near Panvel. Though towards the start of the end of the season, I was able to spot a great number of birds but shooting them was quite a task as most of them were small birds getting repeatedly camouflaged in the dry trees. But still it was an amazing experience being amidst hundreds of birds, alone, their voices echoing through the forests, making you feel how amazing the outdoors are.

P.S- The bird pictured here is a Red-Whiskered Bulbull

© Tgatwork 2016

24th February 2016 – Day 55 of 366


24th February 2016 - Day 55 of 366

24th February 2016 – Day 55 of 366

Morning Walk in Sync

Today’s Birding session was one of the finest I had this season. Though there weren’t a lot of birds, I was able to concentrate and narrow down my work only on stills. I was also able to explore the place my going down the whole path, getting to know so rather stratetgic location where I could shoot from when there were more birds around. The editing sessions turned out to be more fun as the break of dawn White Balance made my day! 😀

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