A flock for Lesser and Greater Flamingos gather during noon at the holding ponds at Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.

It had been a while since I last visited the site. And given the immense heat and we witnessed this summer, I didn’t expect any birds in the region. But my joy had no bounds when I saw these magnificent beings come down from the skies in large numbers, electrifying the whole area with their sounds and vibrant colors during this time of the day when I would love to stay indoors.

23rd March 2016 – Day 83 of 366

23rd March 2016 - Day 83 of 366


Making up Gimmicks

Surely this guy got caught while cuddling up with another female which surely wasn’t appreciated by his female. So this you see here, making up for the blunder since today morning!
Though I really don’t have much clue at what this means and what their actions indicate, it always fun to interpret the animal kingdom in a way you can relate to. Makes the whole deal colorful 🙂

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12th March 2016 – Day 72 of 366

12th March 2016 - Day 72 of 366

A Black Kite flies high near Panjrapole at Anushaktinagar during today’s birding session. I am really lucky to have shot these magnificent birds right from my bedroom window. I spent around a hour at the comfort of my bedroom window shooting these birds soar high and occasionally diving down.
Bird Photography doesn’t mean always making a trip to a natural park or somewhere real far to get the most exclusive of birds. One can try and polish their skills of bird photography by first understanding the behaviour of the birds that in close access to your neighborhood and then shooting them accordingly and sometimes you end up making amazing images in the process too

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