26th March 2016 – Day 86 of 366

26th March 2016 - Day 86 of 366

As I walked deeper into the small patch of forest close to the NRI complex, I noticed a large number of birds that flew past me. And that’s when I setup my tripod to film some birding action, I noticed this Cuckoo watching me just as if it was stalking me from behind. And that did seem fun. So I fire a snap back 🙂

© Tgatwork 2016

23rd March 2016 – Day 83 of 366

23rd March 2016 - Day 83 of 366


Making up Gimmicks

Surely this guy got caught while cuddling up with another female which surely wasn’t appreciated by his female. So this you see here, making up for the blunder since today morning!
Though I really don’t have much clue at what this means and what their actions indicate, it always fun to interpret the animal kingdom in a way you can relate to. Makes the whole deal colorful 🙂

© Tgatwork 2016

21st March 2016 – Day 81 of 366

21st March 2016 - Day 81 of 366

Sunbird Fantasy

This little guy kept me busy for around 10 minutes till I could get a decent shot. It was busy checking flowers at speeds which gave me and my camera a tough time to focus on. Finally it settled down helping me fire a shot! This all happened on my walk back to the road at the Seawoods backwaters today 🙂

© Tgatwork 2016

12th March 2016 – Day 72 of 366

12th March 2016 - Day 72 of 366

A Black Kite flies high near Panjrapole at Anushaktinagar during today’s birding session. I am really lucky to have shot these magnificent birds right from my bedroom window. I spent around a hour at the comfort of my bedroom window shooting these birds soar high and occasionally diving down.
Bird Photography doesn’t mean always making a trip to a natural park or somewhere real far to get the most exclusive of birds. One can try and polish their skills of bird photography by first understanding the behaviour of the birds that in close access to your neighborhood and then shooting them accordingly and sometimes you end up making amazing images in the process too

© Tgatwork 2016

11th March 2016 – Day 71 of 366

11th March 2016 - Day 71 of 366

This Red Vented Bulbul take a spot on a high perch being one of the many birds I shot within a few span of days during my shoots at the Seawoods Backwater area. It’s been like seeing a new bird each day at this place and have been a much surprise that admist this urban frenzy, this place hosts so much of bird life. Amazing indeed!

© Tgatwork 2016