Project 365

Each day, we see many things that happen around us. If you see yourself as a camera or an imaging device, you register millions of frames. All these are registered in your brain. Some get much more affection and go down to be treasured in the heart. And some are never ever erased from your conscious memory.

What does life give you when you collect all these memories together? What if you could see all of these, memories, once again in the same way you had seen them? I bet you did make one amazing story book!
Project 365 is one such attempt. One photography. One frame. One moment that pictured the best, worst, happiest, saddest, cutest or any other emotion of my day.

P.S – I won’t promise anyone, neither myself to post each day. But I do promise to frame one each day and hope to publish it when possible 🙂

Wishing everyone a happily framed New Year