Streets are always the best places to learn things from the world. You will find the happiest of scenes to the worst of memories on the street. Each person you watch walking down that street is a potential story to be told. Some of us are bold enough to jump right at them and as them cheerfully, and ask them what’s their story. Some of us take an even more secretive approach to capture those blissful moments and expressions in some stranger’s life. And if your only aim was to convey a story with a clean heart and mind, I bet that stranger wouldn’t mind to have their story being told to the world.

Here are some of chapters I like to share. I have fallen deeply in love with this form – just because its mere documenting the life of people without the aid of a script or promoter. Nothing is planned. Anything can come out of a sudden.

For me, people are “real” people in street and documentary photography and cinema.

Their hearts speak out. Not their minds.



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