Puppy Attack!

It was a normal start to the day for me. I left for the hills early, hiking my way up and down through the route religiously. Gave my legs a cooling lap at the stream, as I listened to the wise old and fun couple crack sense and jokes, all at the same time. The usual stalking by a few ‘newer’ mini birds and a calf (a first in a long long time!) followed before I decided to head back to the base camp (the most rewarding part of the entire pilgrimage, as well as the most time consuming one!)

And then there were the usual ‘distractions’ to detour – a few more birds and invertebrates, which would make me stray yet again (but something I never really regret). I was hooked on to once such distraction and by the time we had enough of each other, I was lying on the trail, tired and hungry. The blazing sun had worn me out and I decided to take a few minutes off before heading back, laying there to review my bounty.

That’s when these Lilliputians showed up – trumpeting their arrival with pants, scouting and securing the trail, as their master trailed behind. As cute as they could get, I couldn’t resist and snapped a photograph, without their permission. But they weren’t impressed by my act and didn’t seem to like me either. As their attack got more vicious (cute, to be honest!), I decided to get up and clear the way for them. And as they passed by,  they gave me that look which very well meant’ If we wanted you dead, you’d already be dead’.

And I was like, ok…

Yet another, best of days at the hills and a fun kick-start to the day!

Mumbai Local Abstracted

Overhead Bridge on Mumbai Local Route, Harbor Line

A overhead suspended bridge along the busy lines of the Mumbai Local during my last visit to the “Maximum City” presented in a rather abstract frame.

It had been quite sometime that I had taken the local to the city. I always commute on my scooter to all places, far and near but taking the local that day was one wise decision. And sure it was fun 🙂

Chillin’ in the Pool

Found this guy today morning who decided to make poor Dusky’s water bowl as its own personal swimming pool, just to beat the heat! Making up for the loss of rain, you know. Sadly had to let it go so that neither of the animals get hurt. Sad to see that the severe change in climate has affect not only humans. And it’s just gonna get worse

Frog Rescue - 1 Frog Rescue - 2 Frog Rescue - 3