30th October 2016 – Day 304 of 366


Today is Diwali, a Hindu festival celebrated by all Indian & others across the globe. Earlier though, the festival was associated with Lord Rama arriving back to his kingdom after his triumphant victory over the demon king Ravana indicating the victory of good over evil, today it’s much know as the festival of lights. People dress up in new clothes, distribute sweets, light up lamps and most importantly, burst crackers. Yes, it does help in creating a festive notion in people, everything except the bursting of crackers, which bring much damage and no happiness. Bursting crackers not only increase pollution in the terms of smoke, it cause severe damage via noise. The high intensity noise causes severe damage to not only our ears but also frightens the animal lives that live around us as they tend to be much more sensitive to high frequency noise. There is no happiness seeing your own money go into flames in a matter of seconds which in turn causes severe damage to us and our furry friends in the long run. So friends, please stop bursting crackers, utilise the money to spread a wide vibrant smile on someone’s face who needs it. It surely will do much good to you and the earth.
Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!

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