5th September 2016 – Day 249 of 366

Ganesh Chaturti

Today is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturti in India. The major celebration take place in Maharashtra and the huge ones are always taken away by Mumbai. Lord Ganesha or the elephant god is one of the major gods in Hinduism and is considered remover of obstacles. Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he is a much loved figure and the celebration around town show the love people have for him.
My association with Ganesha stands since a long time. My name itself has a ‘Ganesh’ in it. Since my childhood, I used to love visiting Ganpati mandals where my aunty used to take me. I used to be curious about how these idols were made and even used to make some really good ones with modelling clay once I grew up. Even today, I went back to Vashi, where I used to be from and visit the major mandals around town. I was sad to know that due to the new regulations, all the madals that used to be on the roads now didn’t exist like the famous one at the Sector 9 market. This particular one at the market was a eye catcher and I was deeply disappointed not seeing it this year.
And the sad part of this festival is the garbage that gets collected at immersion points after the ‘Visarjan’. The concept of eco friendly Ganpatis haven’t caught up so far thanks to the easily available POP ones. I hope one day all the idols are made in an eco friendly manner giving a new meaning to the beloved lord’s arrival, his stay and his departure.
P.S – This beautiful idol was taken at the Sector 10 mandal, the one that used to be closest to my place 🙂


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