22nd August 2016 – Day 235 of 366

2016.08.22-Tgatwork-Project 366-Flower Bed at Parsik Hills-Less-1
Bed of Flowers at Parsik Hills

My partner and I were passing by one of the open and undeveloped plots on top of Parsik Hills when I spotted a bed of dotted purple items on the green floor, basking in the strong rays of the setting sun. I wasted no time and turned around the vehicle and stopped it against the plot. I had been inside this lot many time, at different seasons. So we went in and I was spell bound. I stood against a carpet of pink flowers with a sunset in the background. I took all the time in the world to shoot this beautiful sight and also took some photos of my partner. Later on we then bid goodbye to this heaven we witness and went our way, much happy about how the day ended


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