3rd May 2016 – Day 124 of 366

Monkeys on service ladder BW

A pair of monkeys (Rhesus Macaques) share a candid moment at the service ladder outside my residence at Anushkatinagar in Mumbai.
The different deforestation activities undertaken by the colony authorities in the name of security have left much of the wildlife in the area, especially the mountain region, stranded and in much problem. Having built a wall to prevent the movement of people from the base to the top of the mountain has lead many of the wildlife stranded and at times not being able to return back to the forests in the mountain region. This causes such wildlife like these monkeys to roam about in the colony region, leading to a man vs animal conflict type situation like them breaking into homes, causing streetlights in the top of buildings to be broken etc. This has turned to a certain problem that can been aggravated if not intervened soon enough


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