21st April 2016 – Day 112 of 366

Kharghar Township from Top

Today is 21st of April and this day holds a significance in my life. I was born on this day, at 5 pm, 23 years ago. Having experienced a certain amount of things within these past few years, if you were to ask me what was the best thing that ever happened to me, I did close my eyes, take a deep breath and say – Being able to be me, my true self and have experienced this life as a person and all the wonderful things and people in it was perhaps the best thing I could ever have received.
There are thousands of people how aren’t lucky enough to see through a day. There are people who never will be able to know what life is and what the sights of nature truly look like. There are people who will never be able to witness the wonders of nature and the secrets beyond. I indeed feel luck to have been brought up in such a manner that helps me see life and beyond and respect each and every element in it. And having had my birthday today, I thank each and everyone and everything thing that helped me shape myself into what I am today and what I believe in today. The only thing that I would want from this day as a wish and gift would be help me see more and more sights of the world and beyond before I pass on.
P.S – The picture is that of the Kharghar Valley Township as seen from one of the bounder hills which I trekked on recently


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