13th March 2016 – Day 73 of 366

13th March 2016 - Day 73 of 366

As the sleeping Buddha looks on the valley

The mountains that for the background in this image are of the Haji Malang range near Badlapur. This place is an important religious place and also one of the magnificent looking ranges near Navi Mumbai. The main range that is shown in this picture replicates that of the ‘Sleeping Buddha’ which is one of the common forms in Buddhist statue.
I had been staying in and out of Kharghar for the past 10 years but it was only during the monsoon of 2015 that I accidentally noticed this structure. And since then it always kept appearing in front of me, some way or the other. I even managed to catch a glimpse of it once from my home at Anushaktinagar in Mumbai during a clear morning. I hope I can make a climb this year. Till then, my sleeping Buddha will keep watch on me and the valley till time to come

Location – Taken from the Sion Panvel Highway at Kharghar

© Tgatwork 2016


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