2nd March 2016 – Day 62 of 366

2nd March 2016 - Day 62 of 366

Standing against the majestic Parsik Hills Range at Mumbra

I made a great effort by pushing myself to ride down to Thane to the Decathlon Store today to get some gear for myself. Thane always seems a nightmare to me and very though of riding down those crowded roads remind me a sick roadtrip I wish not to take. There are many reasons why I don’t like riding down to Thane out which mainly are the traffic burdened roads, the heat and the really far distance that you feel even though its just less than 40 kms one way.
While going, I took the route through Navi Mumbai and which coming I took the road from the other side of the mountain ranges i.e the Mumbra Bypass. I had once been through this region earlier and was much aware of the potential fun and danger that lied ahead. Anyways with much confidence in me, I took that road. Thankfully the number of trucks were less today, making the ride a much joy. And being a mountain lover, it was damn hard to keep my eyes off the majestic cliffs and ridges of the Parsik Hills that lied gracefully overlooking the road.I couldn’t help myself much better than stopping right there and clicking this shot. All the tiredness was forgotten and forgiven as soon as the charm of the mountains over took me!
P.S – The hills are in much bad shape on the Navi Mumbai side towards Nerul, Turbe and beyond with excessive mining activites that has created excessive cavities, disturbing the ecological balance severely. But not much convern it placed over the matter and those activites are sure to continue.

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