23rd January 2016 – Day 23 of 366

Graduation Day 2016

Today was my graduation day. I graduated as a student of Mass Media from the University of Mumbai. I did my Bachlor’s of Mass Media from SIES Nerul from the year 2012-2015. These three years were one of the main years of my life that shaped me into a person that I am today. I had various troubles and conflicts with my classmates, teachers, authorities, but the most important ones were with myself. But these problems helped me learn a great deal of things. I learnt how things shouldn’t be done or be handled. The level of maturity that slowly seeped in me is something that makes me proud of myself. But the most important thing that I would be taking away would be the individuality and personality that I shaped on basis of all these experiences that I had. And I am really thankful to all those people who influenced me, positively as well as negetively.
Once again thanks to all who made this possible for me.

P.S-Thanks to my beloved partner, Pratibha who took great effort and time to take such beautiful images, thus sealing off some amazing memories 🙂
Thank you so much Champ!


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