1st January 2016 (Day 1 of 366)

Watching the first sunset of the new year off my base at Kharghar

I have witnessed some amazing sunsets and cloudscapes, battled a storm, experienced the calmness of a full moon night and much more on this place during the last year and the ones before. But today, as I stare into the urban landscape of Kharghar seeing the same scene I always had been viewing from here, its not what went through the eye but what went through the head that mattered.

A New Year comes with experiences, new people, new places, new skills to learn, new things to think and do, new things to feel. And here I stand before you, clean and naked as a new page of a book. Open to what you have to write on me. Open to what you want to make me feel.

Open to Life

P.S – Thanks Manav to pull that focus for me smile emoticon

© Tgatwork 2016


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