Back in the game

It was quite sometime when I last clicked using a DSLR. My previous workhorse and also my first DSLR, the Nikon D5100 sadly malfunctioned and was out from doing any work. So I remained rather jobless for the past 4 months. It’s not easy for a photographer to be without a camera, that too all of a sudden. It’s like losing your ability to walk one fine day. I tried my best using my phone and the GoPro, but sadly I was too dependent on the camera. I badly wanted to shoot so many things that went past my eyes. But no luck.
But on 15th September I managed to pick a camera, finally. All that happened during the day to get my hands on the camera was itself a great ordeal. But still all ended well. I was happy. My mind and heart settled. Plus the episode taught me much about how to detach from things you are dependent on the most.

P.S- I got myself a Nikon D5300. My faith in the previous D5100 has cemented my faith in the company as well as series. And I did want my first picture to be perfect. So in spite riding through horrible traffic jams, covering around 100 odd kilometers in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and finally trekking to the Kharghar Hills, this is what my camera saw and captured.

Inner peace…

Specially thanks for all the support Dad and Pratibha. Meant a lot

Wide Angle View of Kharghar Hills

Artistic Landscape View


Tall Mastif at Kharghar Hills




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