The Great Plunge

The Great Plunge

It was around one or two months ago, I had been to the Nikon Service centre at Panvel as my D5100 was in real bad shape. All these 4 years of abuse had really taken its toll on my workhorse and had some real bad sensor spots. I gave the camera (I had another with during that time) at Panvel and on my way back, I decided to the take the Madras Bombay Trunk Road. Few days before I had discovered this wonderful heaven near Siddhi Karole and thus I decided to take this road that ran close to it just to see how the place was like. After I had gone done the road and reached the RAF colony, I decided I had enough of that rode and took the turn towards Kharghar. As I went down the Sector 30’s it suddenly struck my mind about the fact that I had somewhere come across a dam at Kharghar. Not even losing a second to flip open my maps and install my RAM mount, I was one the ride to discover The Owe Dam!
The trail that lead to dam was a rather off-road and stoney one which gave me an overdose of good-enduro. As I reached the dam, which in itself was an amazing sight, I saw these group of young lads who were cooling themselves of in the green cold water with much of shouting and howling. But the sight that amazing me was the stunts they were doing by jumping of the pump house structure. Sure they were really good at both swimming and diving and it installed faith in me that they wouldn’t drown even if I requested them do stunt for a frame for me. They were already fascinated by the fact that I was having a rather big camera in my hand and it was really a “maan mei laddo phuta” moment for them when I asked them if they would like to pose for their camera. And thus, I made this image…

P.S – No one was hurt or drowned or what so ever while performing this stunt and clicking this frame.
The lads and the photographer returned happily to their homes with the fact that someone had frozen their mischievous moments on a ‘bada’ camera and that someone got one of the iconic pictures he had ever managed to click, respectively.
What that ends well is well, indeed 🙂


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