As the sun sets on one life, it rises on another

Sunset on the Kalamboli Bridge

Sunday was actually packed with a really intense ‘life shock’ as I would like to call it. I had been to the funeral of a classmate of mine, who unfortunately and accidentally had life slip out of his hands. I had witnessed previous such deaths of friends in my earlier life, and like always this was tough. Tough doesn’t mean you show up at a funeral in a black tee or mourn with tears that where never shed during the person’s life especially during his sorrows, now just to make people aware that you feel sad about the situation. To be honest, I and Joel weren’t great friends. Oh yes, we did share a few great fun moments which I will always cherish. But what I really take as a lesson from this would be to value each every life that I come across. No one really knows how and when life passes by. I pray I don’t extend a fight or argument with someone I love or someone I don’t, because once that person leaves your life forever, no matter how bad you feel about the things you did or said, its just not coming back
Later during the day, I travelled a good 20 odd kms in this sick weather to meet my newborn nieces who were like the most naughty angels on earth. Their laughter and occasional fake cries for attention completely erased the sorrow that the day started with.
This is life. It Plays with you really bad. It throws at you situations where you wish to stop and see no more. And when you are the very edge and verge of losing hope, it throws at you, yet again an amazing reason to live on.
I am just in love with the way life is playing its games to make me a man of wisdom and experience. I pray I see more of all the life has to offer

Rest in peace Joel, my dear friend
And welcome to this world with full of laughter and love, my little ones, Sara and Sera

P.S- rewarding view after the amazing day

Life at Micro-Mumbai



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