Back to where I belong

Some 8-10 years ago, when Kharghar was considered as strange, well planned place with gigantic well made roads and basic infrastructure which none of Mumbai or Navi Mumbai had. Times when the Utsav Chowk was considered one of the most amazing wonders of whole of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. When the skyline was covered with mountains dotted with trees and the only buildings were not more than 4 floors and the residents were mostly retired services men, government & non government & more of village folks around. Oh yes, never could forget the amazing ride from CBD Belapur to Kharghar via the Bhelpada road which was considered the best road next to the Palm Beach. My Uncle-Aunt, after a long 30 years in Vashi, shifted towards this heaven I described above around 8 years ago. Those were times when the only view outside our windows were the green mountain gods. Those it was a risky affair staying in Kharghar as the city type population was less and there were cases of villagers commuting crimes like robbery and murder on the new city people. But still the place was an amazing place to be.
Fast forward to 2015. Kharghar now is considered a mega-residential plot farm where you only manage to see high-rises everywhere. Malls have come up. The roads have become small or to put it in a proper way, the traffic has increased. There is no longer a village population. It has been crowded and within a few more years its going to be a stuffed affair of modern life which it already is.
Pandav Khada was one of the biggest attractions in Kharghar back then and still is the same. Actually we could see this magnificent artwork of nature from our balcony before the view was killed by the highrises the had sprung up. It is said that Pandavas of the Hindu mythology had made this spot their home for a while during their exile. I even had hear tales about the cave that sits carved inside the mountain behind the waterfall was an excellent view point and that the Pandavas used this as a point to spot intruders from hundreds of kilometers away. I did trek twice or thrice when I was young but never managed to be there for a gap of 3 years. Plus the area was closed due to various problems out of which were the numerous deaths of college students & other visitors who either drowned in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall or slipped and got hit on the rocks eventually succumbing to injuries.
I visited the place last week with my partner in crime & life. Though it was a bit difficult to get pass the cops, we did trek to the point where I made this image which was a few feet below the pool. The rains and the clouds added feel & drama to the surrounding. I felt really special returning back to the place where I used to be a few years ago, without the skills and understanding I had about the world and myself, just to witness the fact that nothing much has changed. Only I did. And when it was for the better, I was glad.
The greens were still as green as they were. The trek was a bit more easy as a new path was laid, which I didn’t like. But still the place had its charm and calmness. I don’t know how long will it evade the sinful hands of man to get its true beauty killed & erased. Anyways, as long as it will hold on, I will make this pilgrimage and do something that I am good at, making an image or two…

Pandav Khada Waterfall -2

Caveman's View - At Pandav Khada

A Tree of Life

The Wandering Monk

Pandav Khada Waterfall -1


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