The Master in the Making

A Fellow Artist mastering her craft on the amazing landscapes at Sagar Vihar

We often visit Sagar Vihar. Its a really amazing place to be during the day, any season. Except Night. I recently had put my DSLR usage on hold. I started this photography journey on a then Sony Ericsson flagship and also one of the early Android OS model – The Xperia X10. It was a great handset. I loved the camera and the screen and was in love with it. Any of today’s smartphones lack the impact on the customers what the previous Sony Walkmans, Cybershots or the Nokia N-series or Xpress Music phones had.
I shot a lot with the device. Made some really good pictures with it. I was really young and I wanted to learn more. I sort advice of the few who owned DSLRs at that time, who considered themselves as professional photographers. They laughed at my images. Made fun. Told me I should get a DSLR if I was to shoot real pictures.
So I got one.
I shot thousands of images with it. I still depend on it for professional reasons. I shot many not-so famous people. Captured hundreds of sunrise and sunsets. But still, I knew I was missing something.
I graduated two days ago. I got a C grade. I don’t deserve it. But still, I will keep it. The world needs it. I am official done with my ‘forced studies”. I am free. And I will remains till the moment I say to myself I don’t want to be and start following the vicious cycle of the world.
But I said to myself, hold no. I want to live. Enjoy things. Live a life that’s less protective and less stressful to my health. A Life where I didn’t have to answer to anyone who what I did.

In short – I had to start from scratch.
I decided to take my long lost hobby and resurrect it back to life. I gave up my DSLR. Started shooting with my phone
Back to the stone age seems cool and fun!

P.S – For anyone who has taken up photography or in fact any skill out of pure passion and “ZERO” element of showing off to the world – Forget what the world has to say about your talent. You are the master of your skill. They say negative stuff because you are way way better, true and are with a purpose & desire to learn. The world will try to kill the spirit in you. Don’t let it happen.

“Don’t say anyone you int beautiful…” – Eminem : Beautiful

Life at Micro-Mumbai

Shot made on a Lenovo Vibe X



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