Exploring the marshland of Sagar Vihar

Evening Skies at Sagar Vihar, Vashi

Exploring the marshland of Sagar Vihar

I have been visiting Sagar Vihar even before I was born. Yes, my mom and dad used to walk here when she was carrying me. I had even pictures of my mom holding me when I really young over here. After a few years, the place which had a park nearby was one of my favorite spots to be at. At that time, in the 90s, it was the port from where hovercrafts used to ply between Mumbai and Vashi. It was really an amazing place to be.
But after I left Vashi and moved over to the colony, I lost touch with the place. Those were sort of ‘lost years’ for me were I little knew myself and the gift that I have now. When studies and pressures of life had taken it toll transform me to what I am today (I am really happy about myself and the way I am today than what I was earlier), I slowly started revisiting the places I was brought up in. And when I rediscovered this place, I have no words about what impact it has left on me.
The wind blowing on your face, the tide, the wind, the sun setting, the skies, all say to you just one thing-fate has brought you back. There is much more to the world. Keep faith and move on




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