The year to come…

2014 was quite the year for me. I should say, it was the one the last three base years that were molding me to a profession oriented person. I did most of most of the time battling from holding back myself, especially from the thought “Should I go?” or  “Would I be able to do it?”. Like my dad used to repeat to me each time I used to go to him with a confused mind, “Just do it!”. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. What really matters is the impact that occurs when you do a job. And firstly we should remember, it is always us and only us who judge whether what we have done, in my case as an artist, the art form I have made is worth or not. I as an artist have reached such a point in my life where the validity of my work and the admiration I have for it lives only up to the point I see it finished and say “Its good. Let me go over to the next”.

There have been many times when I have been put down by people. Nowadays its such that “If you can’t do a better job, put the other person down” and the easiest way to do it is by using the psychological factor. Intimidate the person making them feel bad and less confident about themselves. Gone are the times when social media platforms where a means to showcase talent and to build connections and relations. Now every single day, each chap with a DSLR has a Facebook page with his name as the title and “photography” as the suffix of his page. Yes I did start out the same way way back when when Facebook came into existence. Or for the case, this blog, I had made it in 2011 and even had a Blogger account during that time but sadly lost touch.

Nowadays pages, portfolios, websites-every medium where the artist’s work is showcased is a way to show supremacy of gear, editing techniques, contact with celebs or important people and that aspect for showcasing one’s vision and imparting knowledge has declined. See. I in no means want to hurt people who use such mediums to do what I had noted earlier. I do understand the pumped up competition in today’s world. I myself find it tough to keep up with regularly updating my Instagram, Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Béhance, 500px and what not (all for two photo businesses) so that I don’t lose touch with the outside world.

2014 taught me a lot how not complain on the least I had and make most of the least I had. Yes, it was tough shooting Asia’s largest and India’s most prime college’s fest, Mood Indigo 2014 of IIT Bombay only on a GoPro provided its limitations what you all may be aware of. But that’s where the fun is. Start with the hardest. Learn and perfect yourself with basics and the least advanced. We should always remember that a Hero 4 Black did become perfect with the limitation of the Hero 3 Black! True masters never are concerned with what they have in their hands but with what runs through their minds. How they see the world. Was it any different from what someone else had seen. Everyone clicks the picture of the Eiffel Tower. But what really matters is how the person has changed the view of his photography and then his dials on the instrument.

Now, with this new start in a new year, a completely new chapter in my life and in the worlds that I influence and the worlds that influence, I promise to be the very same. Just a bit more of patience, a bit more perseverance, a bit more of calmness and finally – lots of love



P.S – Some pictures from the past. Some of the present. Doing what I love best – Capturing my dreams

"One step ahead. One at a time"

“One step ahead. One at a time”

"As you go, we go along"

“As you go, we go along”

"Colors of India. Colors of Freedom"

“Colors of India. Colors of Freedom”

"Look through the veils.."

“Look through the veils..”

"As the good Lord watches the world"

“As the good Lord watches the world”

"Fast Forward Mornings"

“Fast Forward Mornings”

"People of the Sun"

“People of the Sun”



"Mi Marathi"

“Mi Marathi”

"Patience. Perseverance. Confidence - All translated to this moment of perfection"

“Patience. Perseverance. Confidence – All translated to this moment of perfection”


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